Holon - Circular, Cyclical, and Synergistic.

Holon implies wholeness. A Holon is something that is simultaneously a “part” and a “whole.” The essence of “Holon” thinking is symbiosis and interdependence. A circular business model, based on strategic partnerships, which we strive to create between our authors, artists, readers, business clients, and creative professionals.

A “Holon,” while being a part of a collective, is independent, strong and autonomous. Therefore, we are working to give our clients the tools, resources, and the network to thrive successfully as independent publishers of their ideas and dreams.

One the main inspirations for Holon as an idea comes from An Omnivore's Dilemma by food journalist Michael Pollan - where he tells us of the use of "Holons" on the farm of organic farmer, Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, Inc. Salatin's approach to farming is the basis for the inspiration to our approach in business.