For those who would rather self-publish.
Not wanting to do it yourself? Ask about our publishing packages.


Three 1-on-1 sessions by phone. One plan. One week (Plus follow-up)
- One “Power session” where we discuss your goals as an author
- In-depth “battle plan,” in the form of a PDF, illustrating your author marketing and publishing strategy
- One "Strategy Session” explaining your author and book strategy PDF
- One “Follow-up” session to see how you’re progressing (Scheduled for later)!

- Walk-through on picking the right distribution platforms for your book and making it available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
- Introduction to an editor who will help you make the most of your book
- Introduction to a world-class
designer and/or artist
- Add in-depth outlining, creative direction, story-boarding, and additional marketing strategy and support for your book
+ $1,500