Midwest Creative Collection | A Community-Powered Collection of Writers & Artists

Our very first collection!

Even before we were getting started in 2011, we have been building and developing a community of writers, poets, artists, photographers, dreamers, storytellers, and free thinkers. In our first ever collection, we will feature you - the artists and writers and your creative vision.

* Read all of the details below for FAQ's! 

Submission is free, and community-powered!

It is free to submit and free to sign up. Artists and writers will not have to pay anything to be published in this collection. We will look to our powerful community to fund this collection, as well as our community of businesses across the Midwest to whom we already provide our services. Therefore, share! It is vital to this project that we acquire sponsors. So, if you know any businesses, of any size, in the Midwest, they are the generous supporters we seek to collaborate with on the funding of this project. Even if they do not want our services, such as web design or social media marketing, they may back this project, receive copies to sell or to give away, and also receive great promotion through this endeavor. 

We may also look to the readers to back this endeavor. But we will first approach businesses to back this project. 

Who can submit?

Everyone can submit up to three pieces, and we will choose artists and writers on the basis of quality alone, not on the basis of how popular you are or how much work you've put out into the world. We hope that you trust our tastes as much as we believe in your talents. We just want to make a really awesome and exciting collection. 

What styles will be included?

We will include as many styles as possible, from poetry and creative fiction, to even literary non-fiction and opinion pieces. We will include illustrations of all kinds, as well as photography. This collection will be our most beautiful product yet, in full color, hardcover and in paperback. We will distribute this collection across the Midwest at local businesses, as well as online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course, our website. 

Who profits off of this work?

Our vision is that everyone involved will benefit from this work. We will choose a cause or group of causes who may benefit from this work. Hopefully, you, the artists, will receive compensation for any sales that may occur. In order for that to happen, we must first gather the artists interested so that we can demonstrate the kind of talent that this collection will include to our community of businesses and backers, who will be sponsoring the costs associated with publication. From there, we hope that the work may be sold and may create revenue for non-profits, businesses, and artists. 

We will outline all of these details in our official terms and conditions before you officially submit any work for publication and before we go to print. By signing up here today, you are not committing to having your work published in this collection, nor are you yet agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

So, where do we go from here?

Right now, we must filter submissions with a pre-submission signup. You can sign up below and tell us more about your work. Please include links of samples if you can. We will get in touch with you before you actually submit any content to us. By signing up you are not obligated to submit your work for publication, nor are you agreeing to any of our terms and conditions yet, we just need everyone's information before we can make decisions about which artists and writers to publish.