Changes at Holon: Meet Geronimo, our new Ad Agency

Changes at Holon: Meet Geronimo, our new Ad Agency

A personal post from our founder about our latest changes at Holon: Meet Geronimo, our new Ad Agency. 

Our new Indianapolis workspace, at the Hinge Bureau!

Starting Oct 1st Holon Publishing and company became proud members of the Hinge Bureau - a co-operative workspace in Indianapolis Indiana. The home of our new Indianapolis office is located at 719 Virginia Avenue, Ste. #101, nestled between a host of outstanding local businesses - in the community of Fletcher Place

The new friends and partners we're making at the Bureau is taking Holon to new and exciting places. We look forward to welcoming you into this office space any time Monday through Friday, from 9am - 5pm EST upon appointment, or at our upcoming author wine-and-signs which we plan to host during the Fountain Square Indianapolis First Friday's art shows. 

Come and say "Hey!" at our new workspace! 

Holon Author Matt Seidel signs latest book "Saviors" during Wine & Sign Event

Holon Author Matt Seidel signs latest book "Saviors" during Wine & Sign Event

Holon author Matt Siedel signs latest book ‘Saviors’ during Wine & Sign event  
By Jaclyn Lansbery

Holon author Matt Siedel promoted his first published book “Saviors” during a Wine & Sign event at Blueline Creative Co-Op and Studio on Jan. 17. The book is also Siedel’s eighth novel, and was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2013. 

We Crave Books: Instagram Contest

#WECRAVEBOOKS Photo Contest. Design & Photo by Holon. 

#WECRAVEBOOKS Photo Contest. Design & Photo by Holon. 

Love Books? Love Indie Books? So do we! 
We're giving away a bunch of books to the winners of our Instagram photo contest! Hashtag #WeCraveBooks with your photos of any books to get in on the action and we might just be sending you a signed copy of one of our indie books! 

We will announce the Local Winners of the contest, first, this weekend, January 17th & 18th with the national, and international winners of the contest in at the end of February. 


Will there be more than one winner? Yes. 
Do I have to live in Bloomington? No. 
How will I know if I won? We will message you directly on Facebook or Instagram, as well as post  photo to our website, facebook page, twitter, and instagram, with you tagged as the winner. 
When will I get my books?: If you live in Bloomington, Indiana, you can get your books THIS FRIDAY at our book launch of "Saviors, a Novel by Matt Seidel" 
What if I can't make the event?: Then please email us your shipping address and we will mail it to you, free of charge. 
When will I get my books if I don't live in Bloomington?: At the end of February, or March, we will let you know.

Please email us with any questions on the contact us section of our website! 



"Saviors" Kickstarter reaches 124% In first week with 50 backers - Now "Stretching" for Stretch Goals

By Holon New Media Staff, Brandon Cook

Holon author Matt Seidel launches Kickstarter campaign for novel “Saviors”

Just over three days ago, Holon Publishing began crowd funding to publish and distribute Bloomington author Matt Seidel’s psychological thriller, “Saviors.” The novel, Seidel’s eighth though his first published, explores themes of morality, taking as one of its protagonists a serial killer, Tobias, who views the murders that he commits as the execution of a divine justice.

The project’s goal of $1500 was met in a little less than two days.

Since then, “Saviors” has earned a total of $1860 and 124%, funds that could lead to a high-end mock trailer for the book, promotional events, and a graphic novel. While these additional projects may sound a bit ambitious for a book that only recently received the go-ahead, they and its enthusiastic Kickstarter response bear testament to the power and innovation of “Saviors’” character and narrative.

Emerging Author Matt Seidel says that he will make the first chapter of his book LIVE before print if the Kickstarter reaches $2,500

Emerging Author Matt Seidel says that he will make the first chapter of his book LIVE before print if the Kickstarter reaches $2,500

Rather than use Tobias as the figure of a mystery novel: the genre in which serial killers feel most at home, Seidel chooses to write a moral fiction that challenges the reader’s basic concepts of good and evil.

Complicating these notions further is the character of Emily, a young woman in the middle of a quarter-life crisis who is, for all intents and purposes, normal. It is during this time that she meets Tobias: “everything that she needs,” Seidel explains in his Kickstarter video.

At this moment, most other writers would keep Emily ignorant of Tobias’s dark habits, suspending the reader in dramatic irony. But Seidel is not most other writers. Emily remains with Tobias, her savior, though, as the author said with a cheeky wave of the hand,  “this creates complications.” As if.

Though its premise echoes vaguely that of TV’s Dexter, Seidel’s narrative is not gore and flash-bang so much as it is a real exploration of Tobias’s tormented condition. Channeling his hero, Dostoyevsky, Seidel develops Emily and Tobias’s relationship alongside the concept of sin and the delusion of goodness, touching on philosophy and religion while still providing engaging narrative.

“Saviors,” the exciting debut for an up-and-coming talent, marks also Holon’s most ambitious approach to date in creating the writer’s community, that is, a community based around each individual writer, rather than the writers as a collective. With each additional goal of Seidel’s Kickstarter campaign ($2500, $3500, and $5000) leading to bigger and bigger promotions, Holon endeavors to both strengthen its relationship with the author and to build an even greater audience for his work.

Stay tuned to hear more exciting updates about Matt Seidel’s “Saviors!"

Click here to contribute to this Kickstarter and pre-order your copy of "Saviors":

Brandon Cook is the editor of the Live Buzz and a new media journalist with Holon Publishing

"Wine & Sign" Authors, Art & Music

Wine & Sign - Not your ordinary art show or book signing.

What could be better than your typical book signing, art show, or live acoustic performance featuring great local artists? Holon's event series "Wine & Sign: Author, Art & Music Showcase," where you can find it all. Paired with a variety of wines and refreshments, the events hold a uniquely creative, lively and sensuous atmosphere for all who attend. 

Wine & Sign, November 10th, 2012. At Blueline Creative Co-op 

Wine & Sign, November 10th, 2012. At Blueline Creative Co-op 

On Saturday November 10th Holon Publishing had its third “Wine & Sign” event since launching its first author in January, which brought together not only authors and artists, but local businesses, non-for-profits, college students and members of the community.

Holon Author-to-be, Matt Seidel, speaking with the crowd. 

Holon Author-to-be, Matt Seidel, speaking with the crowd. 

The event was held at Blueline Style Creative Co-op, an innovative workspace shared by various local businesses and developers that also dubs as an art venue. Blueline's founder, Chelsea Sanders, runs a wedding & event photography business, in addition to being the primary curator of the space. 

The third Wine & Sign marked the first presentation of Holon’s young and local authors. It also was the first time new methods of approaching the publishing process were demonstrated, beyond self-publishing and traditional methods. Holon President Jeremy Gotwals explained to the public how Holon would be integrating local businesses and non-profits, as well as crowd funding, into the publishing and marketing process.

The staff at Holon Publishing. Photos by Jeremy Hogan. 

The staff at Holon Publishing. Photos by Jeremy Hogan. 

Matt Seidel, originally from New Jersey, will be Holon’s first crime-fiction/psychological thriller novelist who will also be utilizing “Crowd Source” development to fund the marketing and production of his book, sponsored by Holon.  Seidel's book “Saviors”, which will be out early 2013, is a tale of a serial murder that hunts villains, instead of helpless victims, on an obsessive pseudo-religious quest to save their souls.

Holon hopes to develop Seidel's book and successive works into screenplays and other creative projects.

Both Mariah Srygler, published poet and student at Indiana University, and Courtney Baxter, penname “Johnny Cougar,” children’s author and mother, will be co-sponsored by Holon & local businesses to participate in a publishing process that benefits Non-profits. Srygler's and Baxter’s work will involve local businesses and art by local artists, as well as creative development beyond just the publications of their books.

Syrgler gave a reading of her poetry while ambient music played softly in the background.

Holon's young authors, Srygler, Bundy "Lapore," Seidel and Baxter - and Holon President Jeremy Gotwals. 

Holon's young authors, Srygler, Bundy "Lapore," Seidel and Baxter - and Holon President Jeremy Gotwals. 

While guests enjoyed wine, complements of local business sponsors Historic Showers Inn and their event staff at Morrison Marketing & Media, Holon also showcased art—with illustrations from the adult satire,“You Don’t Know Anything Because You’re F@#!ing Two Years Old,” YDKA—a children’s-book satire & spoof, by young author, Valya Bundy, aka “Eva Katherine Lapore.” The book is similar to “Go the F&^@ to Sleep” narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Artist Eric Dagley and members of the Holon team are hard at work on producing the book, which is set to release in the coming weeks. 

Gotwals introduced Lapore with dramatic description, as the featured author. Afterwards guests gathered around to listen to a performance by local musician Crescent Ulmer, a member of a student group known as ‘Deadghost”.  After Crescent's  performance, music was played from the newly released EP “Indigo” by Indiana University Business Student and musician, Nitish Kulkarni.