Divided We Stood - Book Trailer

Divided We Stood - Book Trailer

The tides are turning - and during one of the critical times of the American Civil War, Lee decides to divide his army into segments. To inform the other Confederate Generals of his move, Lee commissions a courier by the name of Tad with a set of secret orders - the events that follow would change the course of history, as Tad loses the orders, and decides to take a chance that no one will ever discover his secret. 

Announcing Countess Kickstarter Oct.1st | Sequel to Viscountess, a Novel by Taverisa


We're excited to announce that for the sequel to Viscountess, a Novel by Taversia, we will be crowd funding, via Kickstarter, the initial publication in partnership with our wonderful author-partner, Taversia

Countess will leave exactly where Viscountess left off. More details to be released, regarding the plot of this epic sequel, will follow with the release of the Kickstarter, October 1st. 

Follow the news at #Countess2014

Why is Holon doing a Kickstarter for this publication, if the first book was so successful? 

As you know, at Holon, we're something of a hybrid publishing company - and a next-generation publishing platform. You may recall our successfully Kickstart'ed book, Saviors, a Novel by Matt Seidelpublished at the beginning of this year, and crowd funded in 2013. Our goal is to employ a variety of alternative, and sustainable methods, in the publication of outstanding works. 

Given our successful track record - we thought we'd try it again - handing the power of the publishing over to you, the readers, to decide what gets published. 

New Children's Release: Jack & Emma's Adoptee Journey

Jack & Emma's Adoptee Journey - by Pam Kroskie - reaches out to children, while also offering afterthoughts for adults in subtle annotations. 

Jack & Emma's Adoptee Journey - by Pam Kroskie - reaches out to children, while also offering afterthoughts for adults in subtle annotations. 

"Jack & Emma's Adoptee Journey" - for adults and children alike. 

We're proud to announce the release of this special title - which will resonate powerfully not only with children, but their families, especially children and families who have adopted or been adopted. 

Pre-Order of this beautiful full-color, and fully-illustrated title begins today - and will ship before the book hits the stores or Amazon. 

For more information about the author and this wonderful title, visit the author's website: www.JackAndEmmasJourney.com

Some recommendations from early readers: 
"I highly recommend this book to adults and children alike. This is a small book that goes right to the heart of the feelings of a young adoptee. It is written in a language that is sure to open communication between parents and children and provide safety about the sensitive issues often inherent in an adopted child. At the same time the child is “given permission” to speak of fears and anxieties about their adoption, the parent is given cues on techniques to guide their children through this complex maze. It captures the balance of education and emotion while stepping inside the heart and mind of a child’s questions. It is vibrantly illustrated and clearly written with warmth and honesty..."  Patti Hawn, Author of Good Girls Don't

"Anyone involved in the adoption constellation from lay people to professionals  will benefit from Pam Kroskie's words in Jack and Emma's Journey. She takes care to ensure that the adoptee's story is told with compassion and insight. It is an educational tool that pushes us to remember that knowing who we are is a right innate to life no matter family make up. Its encouraging to have adoptees working toward reform through such means and to share their knowledge." - Gigi Tsontos, LCSW, MPA, Birthmother