First Friday "Wine & Sign" - Authors, Art, & Wine, battling Heart Disease!

First Friday "Wine & Sign" - Authors, Art, Music, & Wine... fighting congenital heart defects. 


If you're in the Midwest, or just passing through, you won't want to miss this month's First Friday event at our new office at the Hinge Bureau! Several Holon authors will be signing their books to support the fight against congenital heart disease. As well, local artists will be selling their works to support the cause.

The event will take place Friday, March 6th, at the Hinge Bureau, at 719 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203. The Bureau is conveniently located near Fountain Square, in the heart of Fletcher Place, near all of your favorite eateries and entertainment establishments. 

Our lineup includes: 

Matthew Allbright - Graphic Novelist - Author of Reggie and the Rabbit
David Carlson - Professor, Activist, and Author of Peace Be With you 
David Slyvka - Photographer 
John F. Crosby - Author of Divided We Stood 
Barbara Lantz - Author of The Return of Chief Joseph
Lou Stant - Singer Songwriter 

Announcing Countess Kickstarter Oct.1st | Sequel to Viscountess, a Novel by Taverisa


We're excited to announce that for the sequel to Viscountess, a Novel by Taversia, we will be crowd funding, via Kickstarter, the initial publication in partnership with our wonderful author-partner, Taversia

Countess will leave exactly where Viscountess left off. More details to be released, regarding the plot of this epic sequel, will follow with the release of the Kickstarter, October 1st. 

Follow the news at #Countess2014

Why is Holon doing a Kickstarter for this publication, if the first book was so successful? 

As you know, at Holon, we're something of a hybrid publishing company - and a next-generation publishing platform. You may recall our successfully Kickstart'ed book, Saviors, a Novel by Matt Seidelpublished at the beginning of this year, and crowd funded in 2013. Our goal is to employ a variety of alternative, and sustainable methods, in the publication of outstanding works. 

Given our successful track record - we thought we'd try it again - handing the power of the publishing over to you, the readers, to decide what gets published. 

The Power of the Live Author

By Ian Girdley | Photo by Jeremy Gotwals |  Saviors , a Novel by Matt Seidel, Launch party

By Ian Girdley | Photo by Jeremy Gotwals | Saviors, a Novel by Matt Seidel, Launch party

There are many facets to marketing a book and building your platform as an author (i.e. gaining an audience over a variety of media).  There are also a lot of articles, blogs, and experts telling you how to market correctly and which facets to put your energy into.  It seems that one of the most overlooked (or abandoned) practices for authors are live events.  That is, an author engaging an audience through a reading, signing, and/or speaking engagement.  A launch party is a great way to kick things off but continuing to hold live reading and signing events will perpetuate the following positive results for new and veteran authors alike.

Add Value to Your Book

Just as an album signed by its band becomes more valuable, so does a book signed by its author.  Readers that receive a signed copy of a book are more likely to recommend books throughout their sphere of influence, leave an online review for the book, or post the book to social media sites.  There are even ways to encourage your readers to do this when meeting them face to face.  Too many authors tell me that they don’t want to schlep their book, as if it is somehow beneath them.  It was not beneath successful authors like John Grisham and Louise Hay, among others, who both started out this way.  Remember that selling is marketing.  Every signed copy that lands into someone’s hand is another person that can tell others about your book. 

Engage and Energize Your Audience Directly

Center, Author Matt Seidel. Group holding the new release of his thriller novel, Saviors. Holon Publishing "Wine & Sign" event from early 2014. 

Center, Author Matt Seidel. Group holding the new release of his thriller novel, Saviors. Holon Publishing "Wine & Sign" event from early 2014. 

Beyond getting a signed copy in their hands, performing live and being able to speak with and shake hands with your audience makes them more engaged in your book and in you as an author.  This is the reason why politicians travel on a campaign to give stump speeches instead of simply airing commercials, doing interviews, and reaching out on social media.  It lets you get to know your audience and them to get to know you, to make a personal connection.  People buy products from people they like and they suggests books by authors they like.  Not only will you have made a personal connection, but you have a chance to ask your audience face to face to leave a review on Amazon, follow your blog and social media sites, or post your book on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media site.  Even a small reading or book club can turn out to be a very intimate event and lead to some of your most ardent reader-promoters. 

Rise Above the Internet Noise

The bad news is that there are more authors than ever trying to promote their books.  The good news is that a vast majority of these authors are trying to promote solely by means of the internet.  This kind of competition makes it even more difficult to get noticed online, but holding live events puts you into a unique class of author.  Not only are live events a great way to seed your social media following by reaching fans through a noiseless medium, but it can add content about you are your book to the online world.  Live events give not only you, as the author, but your audience something to post about online beyond a review of the book, excerpt from the book, or summary of the book.  It is refreshing to read about an author having a great time with fans instead of another thinly guised plea for you to buy and promote their book.  It is a great way to supplement your online efforts with additional advocates and unique news content.

Give the Media Something to Report About

Your book is out, you’ve sent out a press release about its availability to every newspaper and online news source in the world, but months later there is nothing new to excite the media masses.  What to do?  Though a book signing or author reading won’t make the front page of the New York Times, or much of a splash in any large city, it can garner attention in smaller communities with smaller newspapers.  Not only can you get exposure in these smaller towns and cities, with a crowd that can become even more excited about this event that is more rare, more special to them, but most publications (even small town newspapers) post online now.  This will help your online clout and give your book additional Google listings when it is searched.

Make More Money

While bookstores are the go-to place authors think of when they want to launch their book or have a signing, it isn’t necessarily the most effective and certainly isn’t the most profitable.  We will cover this more in an upcoming article, “The Best Place to Hold a Book Signing”.  One of the greatest benefits to having live signing events (outside of bookstores) is that it gives you the chance to become your own bookseller.  This means that you make the lion’s share of the profit of the book because you don’t have a distributor or bookseller taking a huge discount—this portion goes back into your pocket.  This is especially great for self-published authors who are trying to not only gain an audience but recoup the costs of publishing their book.  If you do not want to appear like you are schlepping your book or seem like a salesman more than an author, have a friend or family member sell copies of your book at one table while you greet readers and sign books at a second table.

Holon Author Matt Seidel signs latest book "Saviors" during Wine & Sign Event

Holon Author Matt Seidel signs latest book "Saviors" during Wine & Sign Event

Holon author Matt Siedel signs latest book ‘Saviors’ during Wine & Sign event  
By Jaclyn Lansbery

Holon author Matt Siedel promoted his first published book “Saviors” during a Wine & Sign event at Blueline Creative Co-Op and Studio on Jan. 17. The book is also Siedel’s eighth novel, and was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2013. 

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Intuit QuickBooks, Small Business, Big Game | Vote for Holon! 

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We really love what we do. So much that we made this video and submitted it to Intuit Quickbooks "Small Business, Big game" where we have an opportunity to win some really awesome perks, such as a commercial in the 2014 Super Bowl! 

Which is why we need your votes. You have the power to elect us as a business you love, if you choose. So vote now

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Wine & Sign: Book Launch

Wine & Sign
Holon's Author/Artist Showcase
Book Launch - Heroes of the 21st Century

When: Thursday, March 7th, 6-8PM
Where: Blueline Creative Co-op  224 N. College Ave. 47404 Bloomington, Indiana  

Holon cordially invites you to this month's "Wine & Sign" Author/Artist showcase, where we will be releasing "Heroes of the 21st Century," a satire by this month's author Peter Mason, visiting Bloomington from Virginia. We will also be launching the Kickstarter campaign for the psychological thriller novel "Saviors" by emerging author Matt Seidel.

Wine & Sign is a free event where guests will be invited to enjoy wine, tapas, art, music, and a meet and greet with our authors. Guests will also be invited to purchase copies of the book "Heroes of the 21st Century" at a special offer, directly from publisher and author. 

We hope you will join us for this occasion.

Join Facebook Event Here

For more info, contact Holon Publishing at:

Peter Mason, author of "Heroes of the 21st Century." 

Peter Mason, author of "Heroes of the 21st Century." 

Photo from November's "Wine & Sign" at Blueline Creative Co-op.

Photo from November's "Wine & Sign" at Blueline Creative Co-op.


"Wine & Sign" Authors, Art & Music

Wine & Sign - Not your ordinary art show or book signing.

What could be better than your typical book signing, art show, or live acoustic performance featuring great local artists? Holon's event series "Wine & Sign: Author, Art & Music Showcase," where you can find it all. Paired with a variety of wines and refreshments, the events hold a uniquely creative, lively and sensuous atmosphere for all who attend. 

Wine & Sign, November 10th, 2012. At Blueline Creative Co-op 

Wine & Sign, November 10th, 2012. At Blueline Creative Co-op 

On Saturday November 10th Holon Publishing had its third “Wine & Sign” event since launching its first author in January, which brought together not only authors and artists, but local businesses, non-for-profits, college students and members of the community.

Holon Author-to-be, Matt Seidel, speaking with the crowd. 

Holon Author-to-be, Matt Seidel, speaking with the crowd. 

The event was held at Blueline Style Creative Co-op, an innovative workspace shared by various local businesses and developers that also dubs as an art venue. Blueline's founder, Chelsea Sanders, runs a wedding & event photography business, in addition to being the primary curator of the space. 

The third Wine & Sign marked the first presentation of Holon’s young and local authors. It also was the first time new methods of approaching the publishing process were demonstrated, beyond self-publishing and traditional methods. Holon President Jeremy Gotwals explained to the public how Holon would be integrating local businesses and non-profits, as well as crowd funding, into the publishing and marketing process.

The staff at Holon Publishing. Photos by Jeremy Hogan. 

The staff at Holon Publishing. Photos by Jeremy Hogan. 

Matt Seidel, originally from New Jersey, will be Holon’s first crime-fiction/psychological thriller novelist who will also be utilizing “Crowd Source” development to fund the marketing and production of his book, sponsored by Holon.  Seidel's book “Saviors”, which will be out early 2013, is a tale of a serial murder that hunts villains, instead of helpless victims, on an obsessive pseudo-religious quest to save their souls.

Holon hopes to develop Seidel's book and successive works into screenplays and other creative projects.

Both Mariah Srygler, published poet and student at Indiana University, and Courtney Baxter, penname “Johnny Cougar,” children’s author and mother, will be co-sponsored by Holon & local businesses to participate in a publishing process that benefits Non-profits. Srygler's and Baxter’s work will involve local businesses and art by local artists, as well as creative development beyond just the publications of their books.

Syrgler gave a reading of her poetry while ambient music played softly in the background.

Holon's young authors, Srygler, Bundy "Lapore," Seidel and Baxter - and Holon President Jeremy Gotwals. 

Holon's young authors, Srygler, Bundy "Lapore," Seidel and Baxter - and Holon President Jeremy Gotwals. 

While guests enjoyed wine, complements of local business sponsors Historic Showers Inn and their event staff at Morrison Marketing & Media, Holon also showcased art—with illustrations from the adult satire,“You Don’t Know Anything Because You’re F@#!ing Two Years Old,” YDKA—a children’s-book satire & spoof, by young author, Valya Bundy, aka “Eva Katherine Lapore.” The book is similar to “Go the F&^@ to Sleep” narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Artist Eric Dagley and members of the Holon team are hard at work on producing the book, which is set to release in the coming weeks. 

Gotwals introduced Lapore with dramatic description, as the featured author. Afterwards guests gathered around to listen to a performance by local musician Crescent Ulmer, a member of a student group known as ‘Deadghost”.  After Crescent's  performance, music was played from the newly released EP “Indigo” by Indiana University Business Student and musician, Nitish Kulkarni.