Twenty-SHINE-Teen: New stuff at Holon


It’s Twenty SHINE Teen. Which means it’s time for a refresher.

(And it’s also time to finally publish your book)

Yep. It’s been SEVEN whole years since we first launched Holon Publishing. A lot has happened since then, and a lot has changed. You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. Here are some of the changes we’ve made and some things you can expect from us in 2019:

1. Imprints are here. Now you can have your own publishing brand, while leaving the hard part to us.

If you’ve ever aspired to have your own publishing company, but didn’t know where to start, or you simply want to publish your books under your own publishing brand - 2019 is the year that we can make that happen for you. This year, we will be rolling out a service where we do all of the work to give you your very own imprint. Branding, ISBN setup, your imprint’s website, strategy, and print setup. We can offer fulfillment on any titles you wish to publish under your imprint, whether they’re “your” titles or not. We’ll even let you use our resources such as our editors, designers, and marketing professionals. This service isn’t for everyone, fill out our contact form to see if you qualify.

2. Have a busy schedule, and having trouble finishing your book, but don’t want to hire a ghostwriter? We can help with that.

We’ve been working on implementing a process for helping people finish their books quickly and efficiently, that doesn’t involve hiring one of our ghostwriters. Your knowledge and experience deserve to be shared with the world. But at the same time, you’re busy, you’ve got other things to do. It could take you YEARS to write and publish your book the traditional way. We can help you finish writing your book and get it published this year. Even if you haven’t started writing it yet. We’ll be selecting only a few qualifying individuals in the beginning as we begin to offer this new service. Reach out to us here to get on the list.

3. Events. Book signings. Community!

For years, our author/artist events were a major highlight of the Holon brand. Absolutely all of you who have worked with us loved them. So it’s a shame that we haven’t held events in a while. This year, we’ll be hosting events again. And we want YOU to be there! Building a community has always been at the core of what we’re trying to do. It’s what sets us apart from other publishing services companies. We’ve built an amazing community, but we haven’t brought you all together in a while! So in 2019 - get ready to join the collective.

4. Community Collections

It’s been on our radar for years. We even have one or two in production. But we have yet to release a collection that showcases the work of our incredible and diverse creative community. This year, we’ll be announcing multiple collections that you can be a part of. Even if you aren’t already one of our authors. Me sure to follow us on instagram or like our facebook page to stay tuned about this!

5. Streamlined pricing, new location, and much more.

Our pricing has always been highly customized to the individual author or publisher’s needs, and that isn’t going to change. However, in 2019, we would like to offer a few streamlined packages that make the process easier for you. We are finalizing three offerings, which can be paid as monthly installments. We will also offer something for those of you not quite ready to make the full investment in the publishing process.

An author/publishing “Success plan” which you can use for your own DIY efforts, on your own, or you can apply to your future work with us.

We also have a new location in downtown, Cincinnati!

Other changes are on the horizon. We can’t wait to share them all with you.