Changes at Holon: Meet Geronimo, our new Ad Agency

By Jeremy Gotwals

When I founded Holon Publishing in late 2011 with less than $500 to my name, a ragtag group of freelancers, and our first authors - I had no idea what I was in for. This is a story that warrants another blog post entirely, and indeed, its own book. However, that is not why I brought you here. I brought you here to tell you about our new Ad Agency, Geronimo.

We actually founded Geronimo in April of 2016, but without investor capital, it's been very slow going. Which is ironic, considering what we offer: A lighting-fast approach to catalyzing brand development and awareness. 

Even today, bootstrapping and patchworking are still our mainstay. We like it that way, for now. It enables us to make mistakes without the tremendous consequences that come with making the mistakes that most startups make when they get their first investors. 

We launched this new brand with less than $1,000, the same group of 50-or-so freelancers that we've worked with over the years, and all of our clients who are businesses.

We made Geronimo separate and distinguished so that Holon could focus on its roots: publishing, storytelling, and media. 

But the brands are not separate. Just like the name Holon (which means independent, but whole) the two brands are connected. 

While Geronimo is pumping out world-class Web and UX design, branding, and multi-channel marketing campaigns, every once in a while, a CEO, entrepreneur or a brand will want to publish a book that establishes their credibility in their industry. 

This is where the two brands will work together - side by side. 

Not to mention the tribe of thousands of writers that we have been reaching over the years. We can hire all of you to write high-quality blog content and Ad copy for the businesses who we serve at Geronimo. 

So you see, there is a clear strategic need for these businesses to co-exist. 

Besides all of that, here's a brief list of what else we've been up to at Holon:

  • Fixing old problems and old workflows that were inefficient
  • Hiring new freelancers
  • Seeking venture capital
  • Revamping our entire brand 
  • We launched our new HQ in Cincinnati, OH, in 2016. 
  • Discovering & fine-tuning new approaches to tackling the publishing industry

There's much more. I don't want to spoil the excitement for all of you. 
We're looking for people who want to get involved in any capacity.

Our biggest pain point at this time is working capital, so we are focused on signing projects that have serious marketing potential, or whose creators can afford to produce. 

Besides all of that, we're growing our already global community.

We're also seeking investors and partners to solve those problems and to create the innovative solutions we have in mind. 

Let me know personally if you're interested in getting involved somehow. 

Thank you,

- Huzzah!