Where it all began

Thus, in September of 2011, it came to pass that the small vanity press I had been working for all summer would pass into the graveyards of other businesses that had been deemed obsolete by the coming era. "Web 2.0," "eBooks," "Social Media Marketing," these terms that are quickly becoming commonplace would be the death of many businesses that once had supremely successful enterprises. (Remember the phonebook? I didn't think so. How many utilities of yesterday will pass into tomorrow as dust?) 

President & CEO, Jeremy Gotwals, at the launch event in Feb. 2012.

President & CEO, Jeremy Gotwals, at the launch event in Feb. 2012.

An accumulation of four-or-five years of professional networking had synergized  in complete harmony. A resurgence in focus and direction struck me as I plowed through my past ideas, cast upon an imaginary, etheric, dry-erase board in my mind. I soon came to wonder how it all connected and flowed so well. My idea for a start-up blossomed as my surrounding collaborators boomed with their own collective assets, to through into this wildfire of creative-business ideas. It dawned on me "I could do this... I could do this well, in fact better  than the vanity press." 

It was simple. I just had to act. 

But I didn't, for eight weeks. 

Then, as soon as it began to seem too late, and like a wonderful opportunity had sailed into a ship of yesteryear, with eBooks and publishing shifts on the rise, authors, as if dropping from the sky, began to call my private line. Was this magic? Was this fate? Was this destiny? Actually, it was just complete frustration that nothing they had tried had bared any fruit. They were calling on me, as their go-to PR consultant, for help in this dramatically shifting publishing world.

In one swift move, it seemed, I simply did it. I decided I would be starting my company: a "Holonic" publishing enterprise with which worlds would be forged. A nexus of ideas, challenges, dreams that would forever resonate through the lives of authors, designers, and readers. In twelve weeks we were ready to publish our first book an lunch our new enterprise. 

The vision began with the idea of a collective, where there existed a symbiosis and interdependence between the authors, artists, their publisher and the readers, viewers, and listeners of the content they create. The foundation of Holon was something exemplary of "smart" businesses, because it was low-cost, low-risk and immediately beneficial to its clients. The startup investments for minimal for what would be required to create the infrastructure and get moving from "0-60" and begin producing high-quality content with our clients to showcase them to the world.  

Sometimes, all it takes is intention.

Sometimes it takes so much more. Great ideas don't always sell and great energy doesn't always turn a profit for those who have it. So I've learned, the hard way, in the past five years. However, the experience we gain remains vital, regardless. Nearly a year later, I'm beginning work on my EP to have released by the turn of the year. At the same time, we're beginning to develop new and exciting things with our bustling team at Holon. From cooperative-publishing strategies to methods of creating innovative media collectives, Holon is more than publishing the plan and intention is for Holon to be much more than a company. We're aspiring to create a nexus of synergy between media professionals, artists, authors, cultures, cities and the world; a crossroads  where people come together to create, to learn, to sustain and to grow. 

I hope you will grow with us, whatever your background, and that the fruits of your work will yield prosperous bounty for you and your collective. 

Jeremy Gotwals
Founder, Holon Publishing