Oops! It looks like you might have received the wrong version of Beyond the End... 

There was a glitch in the matrix and our printing company began sending copies of Beyond the End prior to the launch date. This also meant that they sent a few copies of the book that were not up to date with our latest changes. We took it upon ourselves to request a reprint of the false copies of Beyond the End to be sent to the wonderful patrons of this novel, at no charge to you. If you believe that you may have been a recipient of one of these false copies, simply follow the steps below so that we can send you a true copy of Beyond the End. 

Please follow these steps very carefully in order to receive your free copy of the correct version: 

Step 1. 

Fill out the form below so that we can mail you the true copies for free
Fear not, your information will remain private... except from the NSA.

Step 2.

We must verify that you did indeed receive a false copy.
Turn to the very back of your book to the "about the author" section.

Do you see a photo of the author, Matthew Mitchell? If so, then you have received the false copy, please take a photo of this page and send it to Holon@HolonPublishing.com

Step 3. (Optional)

Let the world know that you have received the true copy of Beyond the End. Mention nothing of the false copy. Follow us on your preferred social network, and tag @HolonPublishing with the photo of the true copy. 

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Beyond the End
By Matthew Mitchell
Beyond The End, The Legends of Acala Coin T-Shirt!

Coin symbol from Beyond the End, the Legends of Acala! Symbols of the great houses and deities from the book. Art by Jeremy Gotwals, Creative Director at Holon Publishing. 

By Taversia
Beyond the End Book Cover T-Shirt!

Feast thine eyes upon the most epic artwork of Kathryn Lee Steele! Adorn thyself in the finest threads forged by any tailor known to Man or Elf! Well... maybe we're just a little bit excited about the release of Beyond the End by Matthew Mitchell. Don't you want to join the excitement? Get this awesome T-shirt today! 

Burning Out Those Lullabies
By Parker Pickett