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Margaret Clark: "I Left My Heart In Harlem..."


About Clark: 

From the Morrison Media blog review of Margaret Clark's book, I left my heart in Harlem and from interviews with Morrison Media correspondents.   

Margaret Clark is a license provider in Baltimore, MD who wrote her first novel I Left My Heart In Harlem: He Made it BIG in Hollywood in 2008. To read  I Left My Heart in Harlem is to step inside of her life and see the world through her eyes.

 Although the novel is a work of fiction, Clark states that each of the experiences are very much real. “About 75% of the situations in the book are from my real life experiences growing up,” said Clark, “they are based on things I wanted to do, things I did do, and things that I saw people do.” That includes everything from living in a cramped home full of older and younger siblings to watching out for to the dangers of city life, fighting for self-discovery, and even dealing with death.


About the Book:

Holon Publishing book Launch, February 2012.    http://lisamorrisonmedia.wordpress.com/tag/margaret-clark/

Holon Publishing book Launch, February 2012. 


I Left My Heart In Harlem
By Margaret Clark

The main character of the book, Liz, is modeled after Clark herself, who grew up as the seventh child in a family of thirteen children. She saw it all, the good and the bad, but instead of getting lost in the chaos, Clark did her best to keep a clear head and become an observer of the people and experiences which surrounded her life. The attention to detail paid off in adulthood when Clark finally settled down and began putting pen to paper. Three years, four months, and twenty-five chapters later, her first novel Left My Heart in Harlem: He Made it BIG in Hollywood was ready for print. 

You have got to take control of what will work for you and make you happy.” And that is just what Liz strove for in the book, as what Margaret Clark strove for and accomplished in life.

Her books will soon be available in all formats and in other locations around the country.

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