Riley T. Evans, Collections of Cosmic Poetry

Riley T. Evans
"The Never Ending Cosmic Show" 

Available in January 2014

“We are made of starstuff.”


This sentiment is echoed throughout each poem contained in Riley T. Evan’s newest work, The Never Ending Cosmic Show.  Whether he is capturing the innocent beauty of a lover, lamenting the damage man has inflicted on the Earth, or retelling the tale of the creation of our world, the undertones of each poem reflect the fact that everything here the Earth—humans, animals, and plants alike—all have their origins in the same elements that created the stars.

The Never Ending Cosmic Show reflects upon our cosmic origins, documenting the beauty and the sadness of the many cycles of the universe—the creation and destruction of stars, the passing of seasons, and the never-ending circle of life perpetuated through man’s birth and death. Ultimately, Evans reminds us that even the simplest creature here on Earth is a luminous reflection of the Cosmos.

Evans, a retired war veteran, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He spends his time now writing poetry and song lyrics. Previous works include Something from the Eaves, The Caretaker, and Echoes from the Universe, and his first album, All My Favorites, which released with Emerald Records in 2010. Evans continues to give back to his country today by donating all the money he earns with his literary and music career to his favorite charity, “Feed the Children.”