Peter Mason: Heroes of the 21st Century

by Morrison Media correspondant, Chet Wonsik

Peter Mason grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.  His travels working in marketing and sales have taken him all around the country, and he has lived in an array of places in-between.  He is a man with an abundant, dry sense of humor, and seems to relish in all that he does.  After his career working in the business world, he has found writing to be his channel for his bountiful enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

Heroes of the 21st Century
By Peter Mason

Mason points out that this is not a book that is trying to convey a philosophical message, but a book about entertainment and character development.  This is not to say that it is devoid of meaning, just that it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. 

The main character, Charlie Leuven is a charismatic business rogue notorious for manufacturing opportunities and taking advantage of them for his own benefit.  His romantic interest in the female lead, Samantha Hewitt complicates things, and creates more challenges between him and his goals.  Heroes of the 21st Century contains a plethora of unexpected and disparate elements—utilizing fear as a means of launching the book into its tumultuous fray.

Whether it is fear of a political turmoil, or fear of the next big, apocalyptic, animal-themed flu, we live in a culture driven by fear.  But fear is not what this book is about.  It is an adventure in the cutthroat world of business.  It is a romance between characters in extraordinary circumstances.  It is a dark comedy about “making it,” but not too dark. The story is a reaction to the media and how everything is taken so seriously. It is the super serious portrayal of these concerns that he is addressing. In Mason’s own personal perspective, yes, there are terrible things in the world, but it is our ability to laugh about them that lets us keep on going.  People get caught up in these trends and lose perspective.  His work aims to reflect this view. 

The paperback edition of Heroes of the 21st Century is now available on and will soon be available on Amazon Kindle and other eBook platforms. 

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Riley T. Evans, Collections of Cosmic Poetry

Riley T. Evans
"The Never Ending Cosmic Show" 

Available in January 2014

“We are made of starstuff.”


This sentiment is echoed throughout each poem contained in Riley T. Evan’s newest work, The Never Ending Cosmic Show.  Whether he is capturing the innocent beauty of a lover, lamenting the damage man has inflicted on the Earth, or retelling the tale of the creation of our world, the undertones of each poem reflect the fact that everything here the Earth—humans, animals, and plants alike—all have their origins in the same elements that created the stars.

The Never Ending Cosmic Show reflects upon our cosmic origins, documenting the beauty and the sadness of the many cycles of the universe—the creation and destruction of stars, the passing of seasons, and the never-ending circle of life perpetuated through man’s birth and death. Ultimately, Evans reminds us that even the simplest creature here on Earth is a luminous reflection of the Cosmos.

Evans, a retired war veteran, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He spends his time now writing poetry and song lyrics. Previous works include Something from the Eaves, The Caretaker, and Echoes from the Universe, and his first album, All My Favorites, which released with Emerald Records in 2010. Evans continues to give back to his country today by donating all the money he earns with his literary and music career to his favorite charity, “Feed the Children.”


Rodolfo J. Walss, "Pride & Dignity


Pride & Dignity

Available in January 2013

The summer of 1846 peaceful life in the Rio Grande Valley is disturbed by the arrival of the U.S. Army. Troops under General Zachary Taylor are marching toward the Mexican town of Matamoros, on the south shore of the Rio Grande.

In Matamoros, General Mariano Arista is getting ready to face Taylor’s army. The Mexican - American war is about to start.

In a tale of rivalry, intrigue and passion, some strive for supremacy, some for honor, and some for their most basic human dignity. Is it that one man shall shape the destiny of his people? Or is it that his fable shall resonate through time, to touch their future kin, in the story of Juan Nepomuceno Cortina Goseascochea, the Saga of Cheno Cortinas. 

Pride & Dignity
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The art of Rodolfo J. Walss


Brian K. Stoner: Epic Fantasy Author


Brian K. Stoner, author of "The Dark Angel Chronicles" series, "The Dragon Mage Chronicles," and "Prophecy of the Ancients" is more than just a fantasy author. He's also a programmer, game developer and musician. 

"High Priestess" and "Matriarch" from the Dragon Mage Chronicles, as well as "Prophecy of the Ancients" will be available in January of 2013.

The Dragon Mage Chronicles: 
High Priestess

The Daemon race that had cast its dark veil upon the lands for an aeon is at last vanquished. The Serianai are three, ushering in a prosperous age of concord and order. Young Leliah, already given the title of Dragon Mage, has not yet come of age, living in a world without threat, without a single adversary of consequence. Hidden from the detection of all, however, a small shard of the Black Void eluded the Daemon’s destruction and has grown in the shadows, giving rise to a creature of prodigious evil. Leliah’s mother, the Dragon Mage before her, is no longer in reach, leaving Leliah the vulnerable mark of the creature’s quest for retribution.


The Dragon Mage Chronicles II:

In the second installment of the Dragon Mage Chronicles; Leliah’s ordeal continues as she is released from the sanctuaries of the Seriani. With great malevolent design, the wrathful creature that thirsts for her life is more determined than ever. Mindful of the danger, the new Sorceress High Priestess begins construction of an unprecedented stronghold and an order of trained mages the likes of which the world has never seen. Unbeknownst to either side, clandestine forces are poised to take advantage of the ensuing struggle to seize supremacy to suit their own agendas. With the assistance of old allies and new, Leliah stands steadfast at the heart of the coming tempest.


Prophecy of the Ancients

As the end of the cycle draws near, the modern world lies unprotected, the old dangers forgotten, the old enemies remembered only as a muth and legend, and those half true at most. Humanity is ripe for the return of the Ancients and their servants. Still one society, an order of ancient and secret, remembers and prepares for the coming apocalypse, seeking the Chosen One around which many of the legends were born, the one who represents the single hope for the world, whose birth was foretold in the Prophecy of the Ancients.