Pam Kroskie

Pam Kroskie is an adoptee who is reunited with her mother and two sisters. Pam was fortunate to have had 22 years with her mother before she passed away from breast cancer. She continues to have a relationship with her amazing sisters and niece and nephews. Pam has three grown sons, Ryan, Seth and Luke who are her pride and joy.

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Pam is currently President of the American Adoption Congress, a non-profit that educates and advocates on behalf of all members.There are many positions within the AAC she is also involved with she is the Mid-West Regional Director and the Indiana State Representative. She also hosts a radio show on Blog Talk Radio-called AAC Adoption News and Views.

Pam also received a Congressional Angel in Adoption Award by Congressman Todd Young in 2012. She has also written articles for Adoption Today Magazine. 

Pam is also President of her own grassroots organization called H.E.A.R. Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records.